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Why Bother Using A Time Tracker

Have you ever misplaced an invoice before sending it to your client? Or added new functionality for a client and forgotten to bill them for it? As you add clients and projects to your schedule, it becomes impossible to remember everything.

Time tracking web application to the rescue! Zip Time Tracker offers you efficient ways to:

Stay Organized... From Anywhere

An easy-to-use interface allows you to record time in just a few clicks. Optionally mark your time as billable to add the work on your next invoice. Include descriptive notes that are shared with your client. Create, send, and flag invoices as paid right within the web application.

Zip Time Tracker is a cloud-based application, meaning there are no downloads and no software to install. If you have access to the internet, you have access to your Zip Time Tracker data.

Monitor Development and Maintain Professionalism

Generate flexible reports to see the bigger picture for a particular project, or drill-down and ensure developers are allocating their time correctly. Reports can be customized using the following optional fields:

Send descriptive, branded invoices directly to your clients from within Zip Time Tracker. Track which invoices are paid and never miss another payment.