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Check out the highlights below, then be sure to try the live demo.

Demo Account

Seeing is believing! Try out the demo account (Email Address: demo, Password: demo) and get a feel for it before signing up.


In-Depth Tracking

Time can be tracked simply by client, or broken down further into projects, or even deeper into individual tasks. Whichever fits your business needs.


Easy To Use

Tracking your hours is easier than ever. No complex interfaces, or unnecessary bells and whistles, no downloads or compatibility issues.

You'll be adding clients and recording your hours in seconds.

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For Anyone Who Sells Hours

We have helped: programmers, designers, accountants, lawyers, writers, photographers, educators, personal trainers, PR and marketing experts, and many more! If you bill clients for your time, Zip Time Tracker is the tool for you.


Versatile Reporting

Get reports on how your employees spend their time, and keep track of how long a particular project has taken. Set project budgets and due dates to help you and your employees hit deadlines and remain profitable.

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Convenient Invoicing

Create personalized PDF invoices with ease and send them off to your clients from within Zip Time Tracker.

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Get Paid Faster - Electronically!

Your clients can pay their invoices electronically with their credit card or PayPal account. Never again hear "The cheque is in the mail"!

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Multiple Currencies

Pounds, Dollars, Euros, Pesos, Kroners, Rubles... 18 in all!


Office Friendly

Export reports into Microsoft Excel files easily.

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Works On The Go

Zip Time Tracker's mobile version allows you to track your time from your mobile device. No special URLs, app-dependent downloads, or extra costs!


Demo Account

Try out the demo account (Email Address: demo, Password: demo) straight from your mobile device to see our easy-to-use mobile interface.