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Improve Time Management

Follow these easy guidelines to increase productivity in the workplace or at home.

Time management is an essential skill useful both at the workplace and in our personal lives.  Below are some tips to help you improve your time management expertise:

  1. Plan - First layout everything that needs to be completed, then prioritize these items in a logical manner.  Don't get frustrated when additional items come to mind, as they indefinitely will.
  2. Set deadlines - Create realistic -- even lenient -- deadlines for all the items on your "To Do" list.  Be sure to leave some buffer space - more items will definitely come up.
  3. Be organized - Keeping different copies of your "To Do" list on your phone, your fridge, and post-its throughout the office is a problem.  Consolidate these into a single list.
  4. Focus - When possible only work on one task at a time.  It is easy to become overwhelmed by a seemingly never-ending list of tasks.  Focus on one at a time and when it is done, cross it off your list.
  5. Avoid burnout - Overworking yourself is more dangerous and possibly less productive than under-working yourself.  Be sure to leave time for rest and relaxation.

Have your own time management tips?  We'd love to hear them and may add them to our list.